“Professional” vs. “personal” blogging

I’ve been keeping a personal blog for almost 2 years now, since I left home to go to the Netherlands. There was no deep idea behind creating it, just the practical advantage of informing all my friends and family about the first impressions, or room search, or cultural adaptation progress, instead of writing separate mails of similar content to everyone. This has worked quite well, although I found myself still writing individual mails with comments/elaborations on the posts. Still, it’s nice to go back in time to see what I first thought when I tried a “kroket” or went to a typical Dutch birthday party!

However, as I got more involved in the blogging world, I found myself willing to make posts like “look at this cool video” or “I read this article today, and I disagree”. However, that would probably bore most of my friends who are not into technology, blogging, investment, politics, or whatever else it is I might find interesting. Such discussions would be more appropriate for classmates or colleagues. So gradually I came to the idea of making another blog just for professional or related discussions. Some kind of forum – personal, yet without the “yesterday’s party pictures” details… A treasure box for all things interesting. The kind you probably had as a kid: this old box that has your dad’s broken lighter, your mom’s old watch, and this pretty magazine clipping you made. This blog for me will be such a treasure box – and I’ll be happy to hear about your treasures, too!


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