Do schools kill creativity?

This blog is turning into a video blog thanks to TED and YouTube! This time the talk is on whether schools kill creativity, and the answer suggested by the author seems to be yes…

This made me think again about the Problem-Based Learning system at Maastricht University… I like how it makes you think instead of memorize, and how it lets you make your own mistakes. Although far from perfect, it is a step in the right direction.

Also, the question asked by Ken Robinson goes beyond the title of this video – it is about the relevance of what we learn at schools… As well as things we don’t learn… I learned more from the trainings by the U.S. exchange programme (on cultural sensitivity, intercultural communications etc.) and by AIESEC (on time management, sales effectiveness etc.) than from many fully fledged courses at Uni… I just wish everyone was taught some of these vital skills at school…



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2 responses to “Do schools kill creativity?

  1. The problem with school is that they rarely teach proper time management. Nothing should be taught more.

  2. I agree that time management is definitely one of the core skills we are missing out on in traditional education systems… We face the consequences when we go on to Universities (trying to cope with all the work), and later on to the professional world…

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