Ukraine & Poland hosts to EURO 2012!

UPAnother proof that miracles happen: Ukraine and Poland just won the right to host the UEFA Euro Cup in 2012! The bid was considered an outsider compared to Italy a.k.a the football nation. However, with impressive promotion campaign and lots of fingers crossed (or fists held, as we say in Ukraine), we did it!!! I’m proud that my native city Donetsk will also be host to one of the games. And I’m especially happy that this comes at a time when Ukraine needs something positive to unite around…

Hopefully the event will also help improve the infrastructure and bring in tourists, investors, and other important people such events are supposed to bring! Although of course this will come to cities which already are much better off than the rest of Ukraine (Dnipropetrovsk, Donetsk, the capital Kyiv and L’viv) – but let’s hope for the “spillover effects).  In any case, I’m excited!

See you in Ukraine in 2012!

Links:  UEFA website, Official Ukraine-Poland Bid website , watch the bid promo video on YouTube


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