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Any male accountants out there?

Going through some openings on a Ukrainian job site, I was shocked… For all the progress we’ve made, for all the democratic principles (you would think) have been brought in to the country, it felt like we were back to 19th century…

How do you like companies looking for “a lady, 22-35 y.o., for an accountant’s position” or “a man, 25-45 y.o., for a sales director’s job”? I’m not talking about one or two exceptions. In fact almost all bookkeeper (accountant) positions I have seen are open for ladies only (and mostly younger ladies at that!), and a large portion of sales manager jobs (especially in Business-to-Business) are reserved for men! 

I am speechless. Talk about equal opportunity employment… Probably the only ones practicing that in Ukraine are multinational corporations and institutions… The rest might not know what it is…

I was just reading somewhere about a new practice in the UK (employed by the National Health Service, if I am not mistaken) whereby they remove all personal details from the application, including name, date of birth, etc. So at least at the pre-screening stage it really is just the qualifications that matter. For now, Ukraine seems light years away from that. 



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